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Edamame                                    4.58

Steamed soy beans  with salt.


Shumai                                        5.99

Steamed  or fried shrimp dumpling.


Gyoza                                           6.20

Pork and Chicken. pot sticker.

Soft shell Crab                           9.59

Deep fried crab with ponzu sauce.

Jalapeno Bomb                          10.89

Battered deep fried stuffed

Jalapeno with spicy tuna, spicy salmon with cream cheese drizzled with unagi sauce and spicy mayo.

Scallops                                     10.89

Sauteed Scallops tossed in soy sauce

Kani Fries                                 10.89

French fries topped with shredded crab meat, spicy mayo, creamy mayo, massago, and garnish with scallions.

Coconut Shrimp Bites.         11.59

Four hand breaded coconut shrimp, stuffed with cream cheese and server with dipping sauce.

Asparagus Beef Roll            11.89  

Grilled steak wrapped around asparagus
drizzled with teriyaki sauce

Tempura Style

Green Bean Tempura                               4.16

Vegetables                                                 5.20

 Calamari                                                    7.28

Shrimp and vegetables                           7.28

Calamari and vegetables                       6.50

Sushi Appetizers

Ahi Tartar                                              13.29

Spicy tuna, pico de gallo, avocado,

tobiko,topped with tuna flower

in a citrus vinaigrette.

Poke  Bowl

Diced avocado, cucumber, daikon, seaweed salad, carrots, with your choice of fish, sesame seed, sesame oil, with poke sauce

Tuna                                              11.29

Salmon                                          11.29

Salmon and Tuna                          11.29


Diva’s Carpaccio                                15.99

2 pc. tuna, 2 c. salmon, 2 pc. escolar, jalapeno in yuzu vinaigrette sauce

Sushi Taco                                               

Grilled tortilla with your choice of meat, spring mix, drizzled with unagi sauce, spicy mayo, creamy mayo, topped with pico de gallo and red tobiko

Yellowtail tempura                                  4

Shrimp tempura                                      4

Char Su Pork  (Grilled pork belly)           4


Tuna Tataki                                                       11.49

Flash seared tuna served in a bed of

fresh vegetables with a citrus vinaigrette.

Salmon Tataki                                    10.59

Flash seared salmon served in a bed of

fresh vegetables with a citrus vinaigrette

Beef Tataki                                            10.59

Flash seared steak served in a citrus vinaigrette topped with Japanese radish  


Tuna Poke Bomb                                 11.89

Fried avocado topped with tuna, drizzle

of spicy mayo and eel sauce

Salmon Poke Bomb                            11.89

Fried avocado topped with salmon,

drizzle of spicy mayo and eel sauce

Sushi Marbles                                     7.99

4 sushi rice marbles covered with spicy salmon, spicy tuna, spicy hamachi

Crab Rangoon                                    7.89

Crab, cream cheese, green onion with

side of eel sauce

Crab Rangoon Puffs                        6.59

6 pieces deep fried

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